• Unit 3:

    In this unit students will understand how industries identify audiences for media products, how media products are created for audiences and how audiences make sense of media products.

  • Unit 2:

    This unit will enable learners to develop an understanding of the basic research methods and techniques. It will teach them to how identify sources of information and then use them to gather relevant material. Learners will also develop skills in collecting, collating and storing the material gathered.

  • Unit 1:

    The media industry covers a wide spectrum of companies that produce media products. these could be radio or television programmes, newspapers or magazines, films interactive CD-ROMS, pod casts or websites, or even the latest computer game.

    This unit looks at how the industry is structured, job roles in a sector of the media industry and how staff are recruited in a sector of the media industry.

  • Unit 10:

    In this unit will explore animation techniques in an historical sense. Students will then work with one techniques to develop and then create a product. They will then review the product

  • Unit 4:

    The video Unit will enable learners to understand Pre-Production, Production and Post Production methods and techniques. In addition, the learner will take part in a film production and be able to review the product which they have helped to create.  

  • Unit 5:

    In this unit learners will explore basic sound recording techniques and technology. Learners should develop an understanding of sound recording through investigations in a variety of contexts. While learners will increase their understanding of various styles, techniques and technologies, they will also learn about broadcast and non-broadcast audio production. In creating their own audio products, learners will develop skills in sound recording, editing and mixing.

  • Unit 12:

    This unit will develop initial skills in web authoring techniques. Learners will develop an understanding of the worldwide web and the appropriate skills to produce web pages. Learners will be able to undertake simple tasks relating to the design and implementation of web pages. They will learn about authoring techniques, how to compile websites and how to publish their material on the worldwide web.